Sunday, April 26, 2009

UPCOMING GIGS: Updated on 04/26/09

Sunday, May 24th, (Memorial Day SUNDAY) 3pm-midnight
And yes, 3pm-Midnight is a long show – but this is a luxurious auditorium with couches and everything.
Robert Morgan Fisher’s
Memorial Day (Sunday) FOLKTACULAR!
Special Headliner Guest! Dan Bern (he goes on at 9:30 pm)
Lori Lieberman 8:30
Chad Watson & Pam Loe 8:00
Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements 7:30
Steve Noonan 7:00
Paul Zollo 6:30 and
Matt Cartsonis & John O’Kennedy 6:00
Severin Browne 5:30
Lisa Turner 5:00
Allan Comeau 4:30
Randy Chance 4:00
Allan Wachs 3:30
Robert Morgan Fisher (kicks off the show at 3:00 pm)

(NOTE: After Dan’s set there will Encore Sets till midnight, and there will be NO Labor Day Folktacular this year.)
Cost: $20 at the door ($15 in advance)
Price includes admission, beverages and Tito’s Tacos while they last!
POTLUCK contributions strongly encouraged and appreciated.
Location: Writers Boot Camp Auditorium at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Bldg. i
To purchase $15 tickets in advance, make out check for total # of tickets to: Robert Morgan Fisher
Mail to: Robert Morgan Fisher 22287 Mulholland Hwy #253 Calabasas, CA 91302
(NOTE: There are no actual tickets – your name will be at the door)
DIRECTIONS: 10 west past the 405, exit Cloverfield turn right, right on Michigan which ends at gates of Bergamot Station. Park as far to the left or West as you can and follow signs to Writers Boot Camp, Bldg. i
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Monday, February 16, 2009

3rd Annual February Folktacular "Off-the-hook" in words of attendees

Thanks to all who made this a great night ...

Sunday, February 15th, (President’s Day Weekend) 3:30-midnight

Robert Morgan Fisher’s



Special Headliner Guest! Dan Bern (he goes on at 9:30 pm)

Mother Nature’s Army 9:00

Chad Watson & Pam Loe 8:30

Dave Morrison 8:00

Lisa Nemzo 7:30

Paul Zollo 7:00 and

Matt Cartsonis 6:30

Jeff Gold 6:00

Gary Austin 5:30

Dan McFeeley 5:00

Mark Humphreys 4:30

James Hurley 4:00

Robert Morgan Fisher (kicks off the show at 3:30 pm)

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Labor Day Folktacular Triumphs

Another Labor Day Folktacular in the bag. This one featured a large contingent of well-known performers, most notably Dan Bern

Thanks, Dan -- and thanks to all who performed and attended.

Here are some links so you can enjoy what went down ...
(Thanks to Russ Paris for these)
(Thanks to Carl Gage for these)

And BIG thanks as always to Ron Safarty who edits and posts our stuff on YouTube.

Hi Def version:

There are other "bootleg" Folktacular videos on YouTube as well, mostly of Dan Bern. More to come!


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Monday, February 18, 2008

February Folk-tacular: February 17th, 2008

This was a great show -- thanks to all who were there!

Here's a souvenir:

And here's a page of pix taken by Russ Paris:

And four pages of pix taken by the great Annie Glendinning:

AND ... Folk-tacular on YouTube by Ron Sarfaty:

And here's who played and when and their weblink:


Robert Morgan Fisher


Barbara Hall & The Enablers and


Dave Morrison and


Paul Zollo and


Tracy Newman & The Reinforcements and


Chad Watson


Matt Cartsonis and


Mother Nature's Army

As you can see, we ran a little behind schedule this time but it was worth it. The theme for this Folk-tacular was "Fiction / Screenwriters who sing" -- hence, the subtitle: WORDSTOCK

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Friday, February 15, 2008

"We'll Buy a Flag" video goes #1 on Neil Young's Website!

A while back, some anonymous fan created a "video" of my #1 song, "We'll Buy a Flag," and posted it on YouTube. The song showed up on the NEW VIDEOS side of the Neil Young site and debuted at #2. Since then it's bobbed up and down the chart, lately remaining in the Top Ten.

For the week of February 11th"We'll Buy a Flag" was rated #1 out of 400 videos.

Would you please click on the following link and keep this video at #1? Watch what this person put together -- it's not bad. Then minimize the playing screen, go back to the menu and click-away on the video. Every click is a vote and it's possible to hit it, like, 40 times a minute. Unlike electronic voting machines -- these votes all count.

While we're at it, "Jester King" remains active on the song list. I always wanted to bring to #1. If you feel so inclined, you can do the same drill on this page:



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Thursday, September 06, 2007


The Labor Day Folk-tacular went off without a hitch -- despite competition from the gargantuan Summer Strummer Festival mere yards away. In fact, I daresay there was something of a synergy there. Below I've listed the show order and included a great recap from performer Dave Morrison:

Hi All,

I want to thank all of you who braved the heat and holiday traffic and parking difficulties to attend The Folk-tacular yesterday. Though it was not as big a crowd as the first one in February, those who came were well fed and entertained and most stayed right to the end. Which on the time-challenged planet of Folktaculon, could have arrived on time (which it did), or not for weeks.

The performances were uniformly fine and many moments skirted the transcendant. Too many to mention, though none of us will soon forget Lorin Hart's throw-down opening number. I made a lot of new friends, everybody did, and I heard more than one of them marvel at this group of people, and the open all-equals relationship between performers and audience members. In this world, the lines have been blurred to near obliteration. All of us who write and sing and play know perfectly well that a thought or a note is a stray arrow till it finds it mark.

The commitment too is equal. One who came to play was in a traffic accident en route and had his instrument laden car TOWED to the gig. One who came to support and listen had lost a dear friend to another traffic accident just days before. We love this music and this process, and we know it nourishes us and makes our lives ring with meaning. That, and not any adherance to genre, is what makes it FOLK music. I once thought being a folky wasn't hip enough for me, but I've lived long enough to realize that nothing's hipper than speaking your heart. And no rock and roll hairstyle is braver or more subversive. A wise person once asked, "How hip can you be if you have to wear a uniform to prove it?"

But I digress.

What I really want to do is remind us all that this is a DIY thing. WE make this music AND give it a place to live. House concerts, hosted music series' in public venues, mini-festivals like Robert's Folk-tacular (we just love saying that), are worth doing and totally do-able. So let's do them, and stay in touch so we don't counter-book each other too much.

An aside. A young woman who was performing at the rival fest next door yesterday (and I believe, a friend of Larry Wines') took me aside and told me how impressed she was at the contrast between our "peaceful, and friendly", show and the more mainstream commercial scene going on around the corner. Hell she even bought a CD or two.

So thanks to you all and to Robert and all the people who helped him put on a great show. Feel free to pass this on; my email list is less than comprehensive.

See you round the yard, Dave

Here was the order of appearance:

4:00 p.m.

Robert Morgan Fisher

7:45 p.m.

John York

8:30 p.m.


9:30 p.m.

Chad Watson

We are planning to reprise the President's Day Weekend Folk-tacular Event (aka "February Folk-tacular") provided we can once again book the Writers Boot Camp location. Big thanks to Jeffrey Gordon at Writers Boot Camp and to Larry Wines for asking us on the air Saturday morning to promote and to all those who attended and contributed, especially Chad Watson, Freebo and John York who went above and beyond the call of duty. What a finale that was, eh? We all gathered onstage to sing "American Pie." Unforgettable. -rmf

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Monday, February 19, 2007

February Folk-tacular A Huge Success

The first ever Robert Morgan Fisher February Folk-tacular at Santa Monica's Bergamot Station was a huge success by all accounts. Tito's tacos and beer were had by all and the music went on for a good 10 hours. Stellar sets were contributed by: Tommy Wallach, Paul Zollo, Piper/Grey, Dale LaDuke, Dave Morrison, Amy Kuney, Chad Watson, Freebo, John Andrew Parks, Wendy Waldman and of course myself, Robert Morgan Fisher. There was also a brief set by visiting troubadour and old friend, Bradley Ditto.

Thanks to all who contributed in every way including the performers, audience members, Dana Charnovsky, Larry Wines and all the good people at Writers Boot Camp.

While it's a little early to predict, I'd say the chances are good that this can be an annual President's Day Weekend/RMF birthday event. Not only that, but plans are being made right now for the next Folk-tacular a few months down the line. Watch this site for details on this and all other RMF gigs.
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